Do You Collect Children From School?

Yes, We go over to the school, two members of staff wait in the school hall for older children to meet us there, one staff member collects Reception and Year 1 children and one staff member collects Year 2 children from their classrooms.

Is Food Provided?

Yes, we provide a healthy snack/tea every night. The menu will be updated every Monday for the week and placed on the door. We aim to get snack/tea finished by 4.30pm every night.

My child has a food allergy, will they be able to have snack/tea?

Unfortunately, if your child has a severe food allergy we do ask you to provide your own snack for safety reasons.

Can other people collect my child?

Yes that is fine. We ask for 2-4 people to be held on your child’s file for this reason. For them to be able to collect your child they must provide the password on your child’s file and be listed on it. If you need someone who is not on the file just give us a ring and let us know who and a description along with a password which the person will also need to state upon arrival.

Can my child still do after school activities?

Yes absolutely, if you let us know what clubs they are doing we will ensure they are collected by a staff member when their club has finished and brought back to the cube for snack/tea.

Do I need to tell you a time that we are collecting our children?

We are open until 6pm, you only need to contact us if your going to be late.

I'm going to be late, what do I do?

Don’t worry! We will ensure your child is safe and stays within the setting with two staff members until you or an emergency contact can get here. HOWEVER you will incur a late fee to cover staff extra pay.

Can I swap my session to another night if I'm unable to attend my evening?

Unfortunately not because we have the correct number of staff and food for that day. You can add a session for the standard fee but you will still be charged for the one you missed.

Can I have extra one off sessions?

Yes if we have spaces available. Just email, text or ring to arrange. This will be charged at the usual £8.00 price of session.

How do I cancel my child's place?

You can cancel your child’s place at any time, we just need two weeks notice in writing. This can be for dropping the number of sessions or all of your sessions.
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