Kids Club

We are a busy and thriving Kids Club, situated on site at the William Alvey School. We firmly believe that after a long day of learning at school, the children need a club that allows them to relax and have fun. This is what we aim to achieve at the club. Whilst activities are very important, having the correct staff is paramount to any successful club and we believe we excel in this area. All the team are fun and very welcoming and bring their own unique abilities to the club. Keith, the manager, has an open-door policy to his office for any children wanting to have a chat or just to hang around and stop him from working, which we know he likes.

After School Collection

Children who are in either Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, are collected from their classrooms once school has finished. All other years are expected to make their way to our collection point in the top playground. All new starters are made aware of our collection point. We will not leave the playground until all children are accounted for.

If your child would like to take part in one of the schools own after-school clubs ( choir, football, art club , etc ), then just let the Kids Club staff know which club they are attending and we will collect them once it has finished.

A snack tea is provided in the evening. Whilst we will encourage and remind the children to eat, we cannot force them.

All the available activities and resources are open to all the children, we don’t put age restrictions on anything as we believe the club should be all inclusive.


Breakfast 7.30-8.00= £3.30

Am 8.00-9.00= £3.70

Pm 3.15-6.00=£8.00

We also offer a Holiday Club which takes place at the Nursery in the school holidays. Booking forms will be sent via ParentMail in the weeks leading up to the holidays. We offer a wide range of activities and days out, which will change each holiday. Prices vary depending on sessions required and the amount of days booked. Full price lists are attached to the booking forms.

Meet The Team

Keith Ruddlesdin - Kids Club Manager

Age: 42 (A very Young Looking 42)

Strengths: Intelligent, Great Singer, Funny

Weaknesses: The Sun

Keith is the Kids Club Manager. He is pretty legendary and everyone agrees. A source of wit and wisdom. Very good at singing, football, quiz’s, table tennis and many more things. Tells the truth at all times and never makes up stories that he tries to get the children to believe (the kids may disagree with this part).

What the Kids Think: Energetic and awesome, acts like Superman, Legend, Hero and Ninja, Crazy, Jurassic.

Deb U

Age: Definitely younger than Father Christmas

Strengths: Super friendly. Exceptionally caring.

Weakness: Loud. Very loud.

If there is a mother figure to the team, then it is definitely Deb. She is bubbly and always happy. Would do absolutely anything for the children. A much loved team member. Likes to hand out cookies.

What the Kids Think: Amazing, Hug Lady, Bonkers, Crafty, Generous


Age: Older than Keith, younger than Deb

Strengths: Cooking

Weakness: Any situation where silence is required

Liana is our Italian cook. She loves her kitchen, as she is right at the heart of the club. She gets to speak to all of the children as they go up for tea and she really likes to talk. She is funny and very caring.

What the Kids think: Kind, Caring, Beautiful, She’s a good Chef, Funny.


Age: I didn’t want to ask

Strengths: Top Baker

Weaknesses: Gets people’s names wrong. Easy to beat at Connect 4

Caroline is one of our newest team members. But she has cemented her place with consumate ease. Its like she has been with us forever. Always happy to play any games with the children. She gets stuck in to anything you give to her. Brilliant with the craft activties. We wouldn’t want to be without her.

What the Kids Think: Really amazing, Fun, Inventive in Games, Wonderful, Very Adventurous.


Age: 20 Something

Strengths: Big Hearted

Weakness: Singing Ability

Katie is a bubbly, kind hearted and very caring team member. She takes the Reception Children under her wing and they love her for it. She takes her role within the team very seriously. The rest of the staff wish she could carry a tune better, but that’s a very small issue.

What the Kids Think: Caring because you look after Reception, Brighten my day up, Crazy in a good way, really nice, sweet angel.


Age: Not Disclosed

Strengths: Organising

Weaknesses: Sweets and Caroline’s Cakes

Jen is a real safe pair of hands. Great with making sure everything is in its place. Always ready to step up to any challenge. She fills any role with ease and is an essential cog in the machine. Indispensable.

What the Kids Think: Kind, Hardworking, Cool, Very Nice, Very Good with Children.


Age: 18

Strengths: Art

Weaknesses: Not wearing her Uniform

Ella is our youngest team member. She is very artistic and is mature beyond her years. Always smiling and upbeat. Happy to get involved in everything within the club.

What the Kids Think: Pretty, Artistic, Kind, She’s Ok.


Age: 19

Strengths: Rugby, tackling, crafts.

Weaknesses: Punctures to her bike. Other than that, none known. But I will update when found.

Charlie is our newest member of staff.  She has only been with us a short while but has fitted straight into the team. Always happy to get involved in all areas of the club. Charlie has a real sporty background and plays rugby in her spare time. We may use her as a Kids Club bouncer and just general security.

Activities at the club.

The following activities are available once we take the children to the club-

Art and colouring table.

Craft Table (a new craft every night).

Table tennis.

Nintendo Wii.


Tent and dressing up for role play.



Board games.

Cars and car mat.

Dolls, pushchairs and various related items.

Outside play is available after 4.30, weather permitting. This includes full access to the Astro Turf pitch, Trim Trail climbing equipment, huge field, basketball and netball courts.

ProspectusDownload a copy of our Prospectus here.

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