Nutritional Information

Healthy Eating Policy

Refreshment times play an important part in the social life of the children as well as reinforcing children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating. 

Fresh drinking water will be on offer for the children to help themselves throughout their session. 

We are aware of the negative effects, which can relate to children’s behaviour, by eating too many processed foods, and e-numbers.  Therefore, we are very conscientious about the food served to the children. 

  • Where possible fresh unprocessed wholesome foods will be given to the children, these are better for children’s health than processed or refined foods. 
  • Health experts agree that children should cut down on fats, sugars, salt and additives instead increase their intake of fibre, fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • We also refrain from giving squash or sugary drinks; instead we offer water, milk or occasionally fresh fruit juice and water (50:50 ratio). 


Meals that are prepared on the premises are done so by practitioners who have been trained in accordance with “Safer Food Better Business”, and are healthy, nutritious and balanced. 

We do not provide a hot-lunch option children will need to bring a pack up from home.

The setting is registered by the local Environmental Health Department and follow “Safer Food Better Business”.  As part of providing food we are inspected by the authorities and have been awarded a five-star rating in this area.

Meal Times

09.15-10.15             Drink & Healthy Snack/Snack from home

12.00                        Lunchtime; Packed Lunch 

15.30                        Tea-time; Two course variety snack tea/Pack-up from    home

Meals Provided by the Setting

Lunches are not currently provided by the setting.

Snack teas are provided by the setting. 

Meals brought in from Home

  • Any food and drink parents provide for their children must be safely stored in an airtight container. This should have the child’s name clearly marked on the box
  • Children will be discouraged from swapping food items and the lunch boxes will be checked by practitioners for unsafe food stuff i.e. peanuts.
  • Fruit is offered during morning snack time and a choice of drinks will be provided during the morning and afternoon breaks as well as fresh drinking water being available always.

When parents provide food for their children to eat at the setting we would ask that you consider our healthy eating policy and provide your child with healthy and nutritious snacks.  Packed lunch suggestions provided by the School Food Trust are available to parents upon request.  We do not allow nuts within the setting either through our food or that provided by the parents. 

We cannot accept home cooked food brought into the setting for the children, such as birthday cakes or baby foods. We will endeavour to provide suitable baby foods prepared at setting and shop bought birthday cakes are fine.

Special Dietary Requirements

Multicultural foods may be offered to all children at different times of the year to suit our activities, so that all children can try unfamiliar foods alongside ‘conventional’ food if preferred. 

Many cultures/religions have grounds for not eating certain foods.  Others avoid certain foods for moral, ethical or health reasons, these will all be respected.  Any specific dietary requirements of the children will be adhered to and should be declared on the child’s registration form, in these cases we ask that all food including snacks are brought in from home, to avoid inadvertently giving a child a food they must not eat. 

View our Full Healthy Eating Policy PDF here.


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