SENCo information

We have designated a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and Deputy at the setting, Laura Whitehead and Kirsty Olive.  Both Laura and Kirsty are members of the Management Team with a good level of experience working with all children.  When a with additional needs attends the setting, it will be the joint responsibility of the SENCO and the Deputy SENCO to be involved with the parents and child, and if required they will develop and prepare a program of work, called Individual Play Plans (IPP’S) or Individual Education Plan (IEP). 

Specific training has been undertaken by Laura and Kirsty, on-going training and advice from other professionals will also be sought.  The policy will be reviewed on an annual basis. Laura and Kirsty will work closely with the child’s Key Person and other practitioners to ensure that all relevant people are aware of individual needs and how to implement any targets set for the child that will help them develop to their optimal potential.

We aim to provide all children with a broad and balanced engaging, fun environment that is committed to the integration of all children within our care.  Our philosophy is that all children ‘with or without Special Needs’ should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential alongside other children in an educational or care environment.  We are committed to developing a service that provides equality of opportunity through individual focus based on children as individuals within our care. 

We will give support to children and adults within our care, and work with the parents and other agencies as required.

All records and discussions will remain strictly confidential within the setting.

The building has been designed to facilitate children/adults with additional needs, this includes wheelchair/pushchair access by ramp to the front door and all doorways are wheelchair friendly.  There is also a fully equipped accessible W.C downstairs.

Our setting welcomes the opportunity for both parents and children to come for visits prior to starting and to discuss ways in which the child’s individual needs can be met.  This can also make the child’s integration into the setting less frightening, by removing or reducing any potential barriers.

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