Security at Sleaford Day Nursery

Sleaford Day Nursery’s aim to keep all children in its care safe is paramount. We take the safety of our children, parents, visitors and staff extremely seriously and we have various policies, procedures and safety measures in place in order to support that.

Finger Print Entry System

The doors used to enter the setting are always locked for security reasons, the main door is fitted with a finger print system, intercom and CCTV system which prevent intruders entering. A key pad system is also in place on each of the internal doors within the setting, which is only used by practitioners, providing increased security and the ability to lock-down the setting in an emergency.

Finger Print System

There are two stages involved in using the BST Fingerprint System:

  1. Initially, parents/carers go through the enrolment process, within this enrolment process a parent/carers finger print will be scanned and stored as a 3D model in a coded form to produce a specific and unique algorithm that allows the front door to open.
  2. Secondly, is the verification; a user wanting to gain access, places their finger on the scanner, this then takes their fingerprint. This is checked against all the prints in the database, stored during enrolment and decides whether the person is entitled to gain access or not. Comparing fingerprints is simply a matter of comparing their unique codes. If the codes match, the prints match and the person gains access.

Learning Book Technology

The setting has chosen to use the Learning Book technology to document and access the children’s learning and development journey within the setting, as we consider that it provides the benefits of a technological tool but within a safer system than some of the other options available on the market. Learning Book TM promote that:

Learning Book’s lock down ‘smart tablets’ are closed: they cannot be used to access Facebook, Youtube, Email etc. to distribute images either intentionally or unintentionally. Data is backed up and securely protected from data loss and cybercrime, only accessible to parents and practitioners via secure login. Practitioners enjoy all benefits technology brings with none of the fears.

Parent Portal

  • View and comment on observations taken at school through the My Learning Book portal.
  • See how each observation is linked to the EYFS curriculum and what the link means
  • Give extended or overseas family access to view your child’s learning journey.
  • View your child’s overall progress throughout the early year’s curriculum
  • Upload your own photos and video media from home activities to enhance your child’s learning record
  • Access and download activities relevant to your child’s stage of development, created by your child’s setting.
  • Get more involved with your child’s education, where ever you are, whenever it suits you.

Quick, Simple & Easy to Use

Learning book will not drain practitioners time; it has been designed to fit in with existing practices by making things much quicker and simpler for them.

Of course, we do recognise that not everyone has online access, in this case we would print the digital format out for those parents.


Learning Book gives parents a smart, flexible way to review and interact with their child’s early years education by transforming the link between home and the setting. Learning Book brings learning journeys to the digital age, providing parents with an electronic version of their child’s learning journey which they can access and engage with at any time. Increased visibility means parents can support the skills their son or daughter is learning at the setting by using the same teaching styles and processes at home when planning fun and educational activities. By parents seeing what their child does, how they learn and what they do day-to-day, partnerships with parents are made stronger. Making comments and contributing observations made at home, developing strong parent partnership.

Data Protection

We are registered with the Data Protection Agency, and comply with their Code of Practice, recognising the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We will endeavour to give all parents/carers the same information, the information on children will be kept for five years, this information will be available for inspection by Ofsted at any time.

Access to Information

We maintain accurate and regularly updated records. Confidential records are kept in a locked filing cabinet. All records including complaints made against the setting will be kept for a minimum of three years. Financial records will be kept for five years. Records kept on file include; children’s records, fire drills, fire equipment maintenance, attendance register, financial records, accident/incident books, menu records, employment and development records, play routines and planning.

Practitioners are entitled to view their own personal records as well as the children’s records in their care, once they have been suitably checked. The Children’s Learning Journey, is accessible always for parents to view, using the specified log in codes. Parents are entitled to request in writing to view their child’s personal records. Please refer to the Policy on Partnership with Parents for the procedure which must be followed, to request this information.


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